Process Safety Management Program

 14 elements compliance (defined by 29 CFR 1910.119):

Our experts can review documentation and inspect your facility including interviewing your employees to provide you recommendations for all 14 element compliance with PSM requirements including best practices/templates. Our expert can also setup a PSM program if needed. 14 elements for PSM compliance are:

1. Employee Participation

2. Process Safety Information

3. Process Hazard Analysis

4. Operating Procedures

5. Training

6. Contractor Safety

7. Pre-Startup Safety Review

8. Mechanical Integrity

9. Hot Work Permit

10. Management of Change

11. Incident Investigation

12. Emergency Planning and Response

13. Compliance Audits

14. Trade Secrets

Pressure Relief Systems/Flare systems Validations

Our experts can provide detailed review of your overpressure protection equipment and ensure it is adequate for the service meeting all ASME and API code requirements.  This includes scenario evaluations, relief rate estimation, relief valve sizing including inlet/outlet piping.


Explosion Protection

Our experts with documents review and field inspections,can provide a comprehensive review of your flammable liquid and combustible dust handling/processing. This review will include adequacy check of existing mitigation measures and recommendations for additional measures if inadequacies are found meeting NFPA 30, 68, 69, 70 , 497, 499, 652 and 654 requirements.



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