Fall Protection

Fall Protection Training and Certification is required every year for those employees working at height. In Construction it’s anyone who may work at 6 feet or higher; in General Industry it’s anyone who may work at 4 feet or higher. This can be done in person, digitally or with one of our excellent training kits.


Failure to use safely fall protection measures is one of the leading causes of occupational death in US. Fall protection includes use of safety harness, Suspension trauma, ladder safety and other forms of fall protection. Our experts can provide customized fall protection program and conduct necessary employee/supervisor training.


In general industry, employees working over 4 feet off the ground are required to use fall protection. In the construction industry, any employee over 6 feet off the ground must use fall protection.

We can help get your fall protection up and running. We have a Fall Training Kit to train your employees on the use of harnesses. Many consider this kit to be best around. Among other things, that makes it unique is the section dealing Suspension Trauma and different rescue strategies. Suspension trauma can occur within minutes after an employee falls wearing a safety harness. Suspension trauma can damage to heart and kidneys if the employee is not rescued within 10 minutes or less. This is the only training we have found that deals with this issue in any detail.

We can also write your fall protection program and conduct the necessary employee and supervisor training.