Driver Training

The Driver Behavioral Safety Course is designed to provide driver safety training that meets insurance requirements.


Our NEW safety bites program enroll employee to monthly driving safety course modules on a digital platform. Successful completion of the quiz generates documentation for the employer.


Course Overview

The course includes the following modules and written examination. Instructors are available. Upon successful completion of the examination, proof of training will be issued to document the driver safety training.

Behaviors that Cause Accidents

A review of different behavior that causes accidents

Highway Driving

A review of safe driving skills every driver should follow in reducing the chance of an accident.

Braking and Speed

Explaining the amount of time and distance it takes to make the decision to brake and the distance it takes for the braking system to stop a vehicle.

Intersections and Turning

A review of the safety problems and solutions of avoiding accidents in intersections.

Night Driving

This module reviews the problems and solutions when driving at night.

Situational Awareness

This module reminds us how to stop a problem before it happens.

Fatigue and Driving

Provides important suggestions to reduce fatigue when driving.

Traffic Accident Procedures

This module gives step-by-step instructions on what drivers should do in the event they are involved in a traffic accident. English and Spanish available.

Driver Responsibilities

This module focuses on four areas: keeping a clean driving record, how to reduce liability claims, protecting the Company’s image and how an arrest warrant can cause big problems.

Alcohol and Driving

A review of the dangers of drinking and driving, Time Limits between driving and drinking.